Rodent Baits

Rodilon Pro Rodenticide

A palatable soft block bait for use managing rat & mouse infestations. 
Active Ingredient

Difethialone 0.025g/KG

Pack Sizes Available:

5KG Bucket

Rodilon's pioneering active ingredient Difethialone is a unique anticoagulant because of its molecular configuration which offers unrivaled efficacy against rats and mice. When genetic mutation occurs, Rodilon still binds to the rodent's liver enzyme, unlike other anticoagulants. This allows all the Rodilon formulations to continuously maintain their anti-clotting effects. 

Single feed rodenticide providing rapid results.

One of the most palatable rodent bait matrices available.            

Powerful for rapid control of all rodent infestations.

Rodilon rat bait Adelaide

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