Rodent Baits

Racumin 8

Ingested orally by the rodent during the communal cleaning & preening process.
Active Ingredient

Coumatetralyl 8g/KG

Pack Sizes Available:

1KG & 10KG

Racumin 8 Rat & Mouse Rodenticide is a concentrated powder formulation, which can be used either as a tracking powder along rodent runways or it can be mixed with a range of bait materials such as cereal or fruit to make a dry bait formulation.

Benefits of Racumin 8 Tracking Powder:

Very Powerful  Concentrated powder formulation. 
Effective  Targets rodents with minimal risk of secondary poisoning. 
Convenient  Bait can be tailor-made for difficult situations. 
Strategic  Two pronged attack on rodents possible by use of both tracking powder and other formulations. 
Economical  Can be mixed with a range of bait materials to create a cost effective dry bait formulation. 
User Friendly  Low risk to pets and farm animals. 

racumin 8 Adelaide

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