Rodent Baits

Racumin Rat & Mouse Blocks

Multi-Feed system gives a safer, lower secondary poisoning risk. Proven attractive & effective rodent bait.
Active Ingredient

Coumatetralyl 0.37g/kg

Pack Sizes Available:

2KG & 5 KG Bucket 

Racumin Rat & Mouse Blocks are ready to use bait blocks for the control of rats and mice.

Racumin Blocks are formulated as a wax block for better weather resistance.

Racumin Blocks contain Coumatetralyl, which is a first generation anticoagulant that works through a multi-feed system. Coumatetralyl is metabolised quickly so dead rodents carry very low residues which in turn decreases the risk of secondary poisoning to pets or wildlife who may scavenge on the dead rodents.

Racumin will kill in a similar timeframe as a single feed bait (3-8 days) without the risk of bait shyness.  Racumin blocks are useful in damp locations such as sewers or gutters, or outdoor locations where loose grain baits spoil quickly. 

Bayer Racumin Adelaide

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