Rodent Baits

Generation First Strike

A single dose kills rodents. No known genetic resistance.
Active Ingredient

Difethialone 0.025g/KG

Pack Sizes Available:

5.5KG (550 x 10g baits)

Highly palatable for mice and rats even when competing food is available. Wax-free and food grade oils and grains increase attractiveness Special sachet allows aroma to escape to attract rodents and encourage feeding.

Key Benefits:

  • Soft bait contains Difethialone, single-feed with quick mode of action.
  • High acceptance by rodents, even when competing food is available.
  • Reduced treatment time for faster customer satisfaction.
  • Smallest securable and non dispersible bait for flexible dosing.
  • Maintains palatability and integrity in harsh conditions.
  • Contains Bitrex, a bittering agent that reduces the risk of consumption by children or pets.
  • Nut free formulation, ideal for sensitive areas such as hospitals, child care, schools, etc.

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