General Insect Control

Tempo Residual Insecticide

Latest generation synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.
Active Ingredient
25 g/L Betacyfluthrin
Pack Sizes Available

1 Litre

Tempo is the latest generation synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. 

It is a fast-acting, knockdown, broad-spectrum insecticide developed for the control of pest insects of turf and ornamental plants.

Key Product Facts:

  • Low toxicity product - Schedule 5 classification
  • Minimal PPE requirement - excellent suitability for use in public open spaces
  • Lowest rate of application of any currently registered synthetic pyrethroid
  • No odour formulation
  • Safe on all turf species
  • UV and temperature stable to 50°C
  • Extremely effective – local trial data shows Tempo
  • Cuts down 4 times as many Argentine stem weevils as chlorpyrifos
  • Will not affect feeding birds when used according to label
Tempo residual insecticide Adelaide

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