General Insect Control

Py Bo Pyrethrin Insecticde

No Residual, great for knock down of insects in intensivegrowing situations. 
Active Ingredient
80 g/L Pyrethrins
480 g/L Piperonyl Butoxide
Pack Sizes Available

1 Litre

Registered for use on all fruit and vegetable crops, cut flowers and ornamental plants

Controls all aphids, all thrips, all caterpillars, all whiteflies, all leafhoppers ants and earwigs.

  • A solvent-free concentrate to avoid leaf burn
  • Only a 1-day withholding period; spray today, eat tomorrow
  • Compatible with fungicides and foliar fertilizers.
  • Mammals cannot develop chronic poisoning
  • Worker re-entry to crops as soon as droplets have settled.
Pybo Adelaide

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