General Insect Control

Phantom Insecticde

Excellent Non-Repellent formulation to treat cockroaches inside with high residual strength
Active Ingredient

240 g/L Chlorfenapyr

Pack Sizes Available

1 Litre

A great weapon in the fight against insect pests. They can't detect it, taste it, or avoid it.  As a result, they unknowingly contact and ingest it as they go about their routine activities.

Phantom Insecticide also has virtually no odour making it perfect for indoor situations and has a long residual life on all internal surfaces

Phantom is long-lasting, and effective at controlling entire ant, roach and bed bug populations at low doses.

Phantom is also labelled for use in food-handling areas, this opens up a wealth of new business opportunities for Professional Pest Managers in any establishment where food is handled, served or stored. And since Phantom can be used with baits, it can be used to make existing accounts far more effective. The only liquid insecticide to have HACCP approval.

  • Undetectable, non-repellent
  • Virtually-odourless, low visibility residue formulation
  • Low human hazard
  • Long residual
  • Works with existing pest control programs including baits such as Goliath Cockroach Gel
Phantom by BASF Adelaide

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