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Imperator Insecticide Smoke Generator 

Commercial Strength Insecticide Smoke Generator (Smoke Bomb)
Active Ingredient

Permethrin 135g/Kg

Potassium Cholate 127g/Kg

Pack Sizes Available


Ready-to-use smoke generator - no foggers or other equipment required. Ideal for use in sheds, garages and storage areas and for clean-out treatment of commercial and domestic premises

  • Quick and easy
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast and effective knockdown of a wide range of problem pests
  • Contact and vapour action to control both flying and crawling insects
  • Smoke penetrates inaccessible places where pests hide. (The white smoke contains sub-micron particles many times smaller than the smallest droplets of a fine spray.)
  • Leaves no chemical residues or residual odour.
  • Pack size: One 31 g smoke generator treats 220 cubic metres. 
Imperator smoke bomb Adelaide

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