General Insect Control

Crackdown Residual Insecticide

Great All-Rounder with Low User Irritancy & great for Indoor Use
Active Ingredient

Deltamethrin 10g/L

D-Tetramethrin 20:80 10 g/L 

Piperonyl Butoxide 80g/L

Pack Sizes Available

3 Litre

The fast-acting, all-round insecticide for general insect control on a wide variety of insect pests.

It also offers good residual control. This suspension concentrate contains a residual contact pyrethroid for the control of flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs and ants in animal houses, domestic and industrial premises. It is effective on a variety of surfaces, and is formulated to reduce odour and irritancy typically associated with oil-based insecticides.

Bayer Crackdown Insecticide Adelaide

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