Cockroach Control & Eradication

Maxforce Original Cockroach Gel

For the control of German and other common cockroaches.

Active Ingredient
Pack Sizes Available:

4 x30g Tube

Maxforce Original Cockroach Gel is a gel bait for the control of cockroach nymphs and adults in residential and commercial areas.

Key Product Points:

  • Economical bait solution 
  • Excellent palatability
  • Formulation has good viscosity
  • Easy and quick application - snap-off tip on syringe
  • Highly safe method of cockroach control
  • Unobtrusive application technique
  • Minimal PPE required
  • Bait matrix provides faster control than other hydramethylon gels
  • Gel baits use extremely low volume of active substance
Bayer Maxforce Original Cockroach Gel Adelaide

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