Cockroach Control & Eradication

Lo-Line Cockroach Traps

Effective as a Trap for monitoring and controlling cockroaches utilising pheromones.

Pack Sizes Available:

10 x Traps per Pack

Lo-Line Cockroach Traps utilise pheromones to attract cockroaches to the sticky surface inside the cardboard trap.  This traps and kills the cockroaches but also acts as a pest monitor in areas where required.

Highly effective option for controlling cockroaches.

  • Large surface area for sensitive monitoring and for trapping larger species such as American cockroaches
  • Effective against all main cockroach types.
  • Low height for sliding under units in industrial kitchens to remain out of sight and closer to the harbourage areas cockroaches prefer
  • Proven industry-leading pheromone attractant contained within a tablet supplied with the trap
  • Dry-touch, no-mess glue

How to use: 

  • Quickly peel off the protective layer from the sticky base of the trap and place the tablet lure from the blister pack (sold separately if required) on to the centre of the base
  • Form the trap and close it
  • Put the trap in a convenient place where cockroaches are likely to hide and check the trap regularly
  • The trap can be disposed of when the sticky base is covered with insects
Agrisense Lo-Line Traps Adelaide

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