Cockroach Control & Eradication

Goliath Cockroach Gel

Highly Palatable Superior Fipronil based Cockroach Gel with proven long term results.

Active Ingredient
Fipronil 0.05g/Kg
Pack Sizes Available:

4 x 30g Tubes

Cockroaches will often start to feed on Goliath Gel within minutes of an application and will then die within a few hours.

The active ingredient fipronil will be consumed by foraging individual cockroaches and transmitted widely throughout cockroach population by the ‘Transfer Effect’

  • Fast eradication
  • Cost effective, achieve over 1000 bait placements with one tube
  • Clean, odourless and un-obstructive
  • Highly effective in extremely low doses
  • Fast-acting and rapidly spread to cockroaches using the 'Transfer Effect'
  • Does not go hard or runny in the tube
BASF Goliath Gel Adelaide

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