Ant Control & Eradication

Advion Ant Gel Bait

Highly attractive will transfer back thoughout the nest to kill the Queen
Active Ingredient

Indoxacarb 0.5g/KG

Pack Sizes Available:

30g Tube

Syngenta's Advion Ant Bait Gel is a highly effective ant control treatment designed to attract and kill ants.

The product is highly effective and registered for use in many situations, indoors and outdoors also.

  • Controls all key sweet feeders plus additional ant species. 
  • Highly attractant, homogeneous formulation.
  • Gel locks in moisture for extended appeal to ants. 
  • Impacts all life cycle stages for total colony control HACCP certified.
  • Easy application and can be applied to vertical surfaces without running.
Advion Ant Bait Gel Syringes Adelaide
Advion ant gel syngenta adelaide

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